2022 Toyota Land Cruiser: new illustration…

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 Although I have posted a few other illustrations of the next generation Toyota Land Cruiser before, this one has to be the worst. Just look at that thing.

It would actually be funny if this particular one turned out to be close to the real thing. Funny and tragic. As this doesn’t look like a serious off-road vehicle. And it doesn’t look luxurious or fancy at all. 

This would just be an insult…

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  1. For Toyota's sake, I really hope the Land Cruiser looks nothing like this. It could easily pass for a premium Mitsubishi though.

  2. I read somewhere that Toyota said the next generation was going to be a lot cheaper and that it was going back to its root, more of an utilitarian SUV than a luxurious one. Either way, what we know for sure is that the next generation is not coming to the US. With all of the SUV craze, I don't see how that makes sense but I guess they don't want to get into Lexus territory. Anyway, here are some pics of the next generation:


  3. "Back to its root".

    If this a body on frame, that's not what people want in SUVs. Trucks, sure, but not SUVs.

    There's more to the car market than the US.

  4. I think this one is a joke – I do love the idea of bringing the Land Cruiser down market, with optional packages to add in the luxury and some of the unnecessary tricks/features. My dream would be for the style to emulate the 60 series with a $65-90k price range.

    The spy shots on indianautobog indicate and interior that could be brought down market, but exterior style looks pretty evolutionary from the limited pics.

    Who knows – I'm anxiously waiting on more details of this one!

  5. The next generation Toyota Land Cruiser looks very military looking. I like the styling! It basic and squared off. Great for off-roading.

  6. on what planet is that an illustration? because that's not a illustration, it's a cartoon. it will look nothing like that and you know it. so since you know it, why bother even pretending that it is? so weird.

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