2022/23 Honda Pilot: early illustration …

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 As expected, the next-generation Honda Pilot will be based on the same platform as the new Acura MDX. 

Not much else is known. It will apparently follow Honda’s new and much cleaner design language. Which is also more angular. We will see it first with the 2022 HR-V. (Since the 2022  Civic just looks like a smaller  Accord)

While the MDX kept its V6 as the base engine, the Pilot might be switching to a 2.0 Liter. With a V6, or hybrid, optional. (the cool 3.0 Liter V6 turbo will stay with Acura)

I test drove the Pilot a while ago and found it a very decent drive, with zero personality. Which is fine since most people buying 3 row SUVs are not really into that. I think, with the current Pathfinder, the current Pilot is really od and bland looking. A complete refresh will be more than welcome…

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  1. I think you might need to remind yourself of the difference between "pics" and "terrible amateur renderings"

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