2022/23 Karma SUV: really???

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It looks like Karma has plans for an SUV now…
Most people don’t even know they are still around. I mean, when was the last time we’ve heard anything. Or anyone interested in actually getting one.
 I do like the current Revero. Which is basically a newer version of the “old Karma”. 
A really good looking large luxury car with a tiny interior. A plug-in hybrid with an EV range of around 50 miles. All this for at least $131 000! Not what you would call very competitive.
They claim to have an all-electric model coming out later this year, for under $80 000. Not sure how they can do that, if it is based on their $131 000 car. 
Next, of course, would be an SUV.
It will probably look really good . But also a bit like everything. If these patient designs are true. 
A little bit of Aston Martin, a little bit of Porsche. etc…
I mean, why not. And good luck.


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