Mystery car driving around: new Acura Integra?????

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That is quite a puzzler… It looks like these pix were taken in the US or Canada. From the cars and trucks in the BG. 
But I haven’t heard of any new coupe coming  from anyone. And this thing looks almost ready to go. Like if it was going to be unveiled in a few weeks or months. 
The only 2 things I can think of are Celica and Integra.
Toyota has mentioned a while ago they were looking into adding more sports cars in the future. So who knows, maybe they are working on a new Celica after all.
And Acura has also mentioned they would add new models. They really need something smaller and cheaper than the RDX. But a small coupe?
It seems to be against anything their dealers are demanding these days Which is just “more SUVS. Smaller, bigger. But only SUVs”.
Basing a new Intergra on the 2022 Civic would be a really cool idea. Which would also basically replace the dead Civic Coupe. But they killed it because of poor sales in the 1st place.
Not sure a more expensive version would be more popular.
I would personally love to see a new Integra  with maybe the Insight hybrid powertrain. A 50MPG sporty affordable coupe would be great. If they can convince people buy coupes again.
And, it would HAVE to be called Integra. No other name would do. Not even RSX!

The weirdest part of all this is how close the spy shots above are to these illustrations.
I remember seeing them before. Some designer tried to imagine what a new Integra would look like.
Amazing how close these are to the prototype.  I mean, the rear lights. Rear hatch window shape.
(These are from Jordan Rubinstein-Towler. And they actually look really cool)
How is that possible??? 
I am beginning  to think time travel might be the only logical explanation here (It usually is) 
This illustrator just came back from a few years ahead and published some designs of “what a new Integra could look like”. Only after seeing the real thing.
Like if I came back in 1999 and drew a Pontiac Aztec for a magazine. Who would have believed me?!
That must be it…

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  1. I honestly don't really care who makes it, the proportions are just about perfect, the micro usb exhaust definitely makes me think Honda/Acura though. I just hope it's true, and not just a shell covering a mule.

  2. that car just screams Honda DNA. looks very reminiscent to the late 90's Integra/Civic. I am excite. it would be nice if it were available in the states for the SUV-weary among us. I'd also love for it to be all-electric, but if it is indeed from Honda, I won't have high hopes.

  3. Wow! Its been so long since a car like that came out…right in my wheelhouse. A welcome change from all these boring SUV boxes.

  4. My only knowledge is the following:

    1. Toyota applied for the name Celica to be used again.
    2. Subaru/Toyota are said to be working on an AWD coupe, maybe to slot somewhere above or below the BRZ/FT 86.
    3. Honda is working on a 2 door Honda E, AKA as "Honda Sport EV". Maybe the USB exhaust is a rear break light?

  5. If Acura is bold enough to give us a new generation RSX (which it has been thrown around), it would be a welcomed change!! It fits with the performance brand persona and gives them a different entry point into the brand like the original Integra. I highly doubt that the design would deviate so far from the current language though and this is just a shell for testing.

  6. Whoa…kudos to whoever this is for keeping it under wraps instead of teasing it for 6 years. If they snuck a new Integra to production that would be incredible and I may have to buy one

  7. Time travel. Corporate espionage. Whatever, lol. Clearly those illustrations are exactly that prototype, so someone's got the inside scoop at Honda.

  8. Those spy photos seems to be taken in the US, based on the other cars in the background. But what's that Japanese kei car looking thing behind the prototype in the first pic?

  9. That totally screams Intregra nostalgia with just a drop of RSX. Looks great, but who’s going to buy it? Acura won’t even bring over the CDX!

  10. Vince, I would say it is definitely an Acura or Honda. Those are Ohio plates on the second picture which is what you see on Honda/Acura test cars since their US operation are based in central Ohio.

  11. Vince, I love your work but this is obviously fake. Check out the front window of the "spy shot" right at the top right corner. Notice anything? Also compare the mirror on the bottom pic to the top pic. You can tell the very subtle differences that are a hallmark of a photoshop.

  12. I spent a few hours dissecting this with a friend of mine. It's most certainly fake.

    1. The wheels are in the exact same positions on both images.
    2. The shadows below the car look off.
    3. The car is clearly being photographed in America (road signs, Ford F150 and Ford Fusion in the front shot.) But behind the car is a Hyundai Santro/Atos, a car exclusive to foreign countries like the UK and Malaysia. Why would someone import one here?
    4. There is no reflection of the car in the Ford Fusion.
    5. The driver in the rear shot looks far too small.

  13. this is obviously in ohio at their r&d plant in marysville ohio where the nsx is built, those are ohio plates

  14. I completely agree with what Dragony is saying.

    On top of that, since there is a picture of both the left and right side, the wheels would have to be unidirectional. And what car has that? No car, especially not a Honda…

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