2022 Acura MDX test drive: coming soon…

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I will be driving the new Acura MDX this week.

Feel free to ask anything you’d like to know about it. I have not even driven it yet. But so far, the interior is really nice. Not quite as busy as it looks in pictures I had seen…

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  1. How about taking it to the twisties with the sport mode. What do you think? Is it refined overall? The "enthusiasts" indicate that power is not enough for its size. True?

  2. Interested in knowing what the road noise level is at 75 or 80 on the interstate. I've seen some reviews saying it's not the best – would like to know your perspective.

  3. I am loving Acura's new design language, inside and out, but am a little disappointed by the TLX's space packaging, especially considering the larger size. Not sure the MDX suffers the same problem though.

  4. Not taken on the "twisties" yet. But why?? This is a 7 seater Crossover. It's closer to a minivan than a sports car.
    The "enthusiasts" are mostly car magazine nerds who would never actually buy a car like this. These people always complain about a lack of power.
    For regular "potential buyers", there is plenty of power, all the time. It is solid, smooth, and quiet. The sports mode in a car like this is something you try for 10 minutes just to see what it's like. People who want a sporty ride would never even consider something like this…

    Have not gone at freeway speed yet. But so far very quiet.

    I agree about the TLX packaging. The back seat is too small. But this is a gig 3-row crossover. Unrelated to the TLX.

  5. Yeah, I too want to know about how it handles in the twisties? Because many of us need a 3 row crossover and want to get as sporty as we can, and see how it compares to some of it's competition. If running in Sport mode exactly what does it do, how does it adjust suspension, transmission, throttle response etc. as compared to a normal mode? A lot is made of these driving modes, kinda think it's all over rated. OR is it, do they really make much difference?
    I'm comparing this to a GV80 and think I'll end up with the MDX if nothing more than they've been refining the MDX for 20 yrs and believe it's the best long term value. I do think the GV80 has it beat from a luxury standpoint but the MDX has the whole package going for it.
    TIA for your opinions.

  6. Yes, I'd also like to know what it actually does when changing drive modes. Does the suspension actually do anything, steering really tighten, shifting change? etc. Much is made about all the new cars having all these different driving modes. How comfortable is it as a driving car for traveling? Retired and looking for a all around mid sized SUV.

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