2022 BMW i4 teaser: the electric 4 series…

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While BMW’s new iX EV has its own design, it looks like the new i4 EV sedan (top) will be an electrified version of the upcoming 4 Series Gran Coupe. (bottom)
Considering how horrible the iX looks, it might actually not be such a bad idea. At least, the 4 doors 4 series is a decent-looking car. Adding a few goofy “EV looking” bits (like wheels, weirdo grille, and some blue trim here and there) might not ruin it completely.
I had such hope for BMW’s i series a few years ago. The i3 and i8 models still look futuristic today. And were such a welcome departure from the stale BMW styling. 
Now it seems their EVs will either look nightmarish, like the iX or pretty much the same as their other cars…

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  1. I was never a fan of anything BMW made with an I. The IX is right up there with the Aztec.

  2. When it comes to styling, who'd have thunk that BMW would sink to the bottom and Hyundai/Kia rise to the top?

  3. Interesting that M-B is coming up with unique designs for their electric sedans but making their electric SUVs look just like their ICE ones.. while BMW is doing the exact opposite.

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