2022 Ford Evos: another illustration…

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Not sure what the name the actual name will be, but so far, it looks like it will be called the Evos in the US. And maybe Modeo, or Mondeo Evos in Europe.
We have seen the real thing before (HERE). So this doesn’t really bring anything new. 
It will replace the Mondeo in the US (AKA Fusion ) and probably the Edge over here. 
There is a new rumor about the Evos sharing its Hybrid powertrain with the upcoming Maverick compact tpick-up. This would also mean the Maverick would be getting a Hybrid option. (Something that would be nice on the Bronco Sport as well)
But eally, who knows…


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  1. Yuck !! ugly car !! A great pity for Ford to abandon the sedan segment of the Ford Mondeo model to the New Generation !! I'm starting to like the current Ford Mondeo Hybrid sedan !! I hope that those from Ford in the Near Future understand that: they kind of made a bad mistake: that he gradually gave up the sedan body of the model: Ford mondeo !! : anyway in the CrossBreak 4×4 version raised as an SUV: Ford Mondeo Evo 4×4 It will not be appreciated at all !! 😒☹️ And I'm sure everyone will agree with me !! As Ford did not consider the revival of the New Generation Ford Mondeo Sedan Body !! ☹️😒

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