2022 Honda Civic: 1st real photo…

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Good to see something better about the all-new 20220 Honda Civic.

No patent design, spy shot, or illustration. And not a white car in a hangar. This is the real thing. And not the base model since the wheels look rather fancy even under the pits of cover left. And a sunroof.

At least in that color, the hood cut seems to be much better too. 

This new photo gives a little hope about the new Honda Civic. especially for the hatchback which won’t look as much like an Accord. 

What do you think?

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  1. I think it's time for the Badge to migrate onto the hood – might help cancel out the "mousey" feeling the front has.

  2. Bad angle, but still appears way too conservative to me. The more vertical windshield rake is even on full display from this angle and massive greenhouse. It does however look better than the obvious base model white pic from China.

  3. It might be a little conservative but the front looks a hell of a lot better than many Toyota (Avalon, Camry), Lexus (any model) and Hyundai (Sonata, SantaFe) models.

  4. From that angle it looks much better and much more mature than the current design. Smaller hood gap too.

  5. Way crappy shot for a way crappy color. It is better to wait for the real thing. This does does not look good to me.

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