2022 Honda Civic: another version…

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These are photos of a different version than the one I posted earlier. 
This seems to be a more regular trim with chrome trim around the windows. Painted mirrors and wheels.
Is it better? No.
It still looks like a sad, worse, and smaller version of the 3-year-old Accord. 
Maybe it looks amazing from the side? Or the hatchback will save the day?

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  1. It is going to look just fine. They got rid of the busy rear, and these are the usual crappy close ups. The hospital quality white color does not help either.

  2. Dead ringer for a Jetta from the rear. Not very optimistic after seeing this. I am sure being a Civic, it will sell like crazy. I just hope the double wishbone suspension is back.

  3. They manager to make the front end even worse and they lost the best rear taillights to some totally generic and boring rear lights. Sad.

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