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These are still computer-generated pictures of the new 20220 Hyundai Staria. But they look great.
I am really looking forward to seeing the real thing in actual photos. But so far, the futuristic vibe is there, in a big way.
A huge improvement over the competition like the Mercedes Metris. Or anything from Ford or Fiat/Ram.
I’m sure most plastics are pretty hard. And things might not feel as good as they look. Which is fine for what it is. A commercial van available in multiple configurations. 
It seems you could turn this into anything you want. And still have a great, super modern vehicle to drive around. (I can’t wait to see a camping van version of this…)
The version pictured here is the “Staria Premium” (the black one with lounge seats). Available with 7 or 9 seats.
The bottom pic (and the silver one) shows the 11 passenger version. 
Too bad this isn’t, so far, planned for US sales.

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  1. 4 row? Heh. The foot rests for row 2 show row 2 pushed back farther than the shot showing the 4 rows. Making at least row 3 unusable.
    Shot 2 shows arm rests equal to the C pillar. Way further back than shot 3. Even if you put the seat back all the way down.

    Also, the foot rest shot looks like the same seat material as shot 1. Shot one shows a seat setup that can only be used by mutants with no legs. There's no leg room.

    Also, shot 1 shows front seats that are elongated. Compare the cushions with shot 3.

  2. While I really like the front end design, I don't feel the same about the side profile. Kind of reminds me of the cab forward design of the Pontiac Transport and Oldsmobile Silhouette, when they were actually brands.

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