2022 Hyundai Staria: real life photos…

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It seems the new Hyundai Staria looks as futuristic in real life as in the computer-generated images we saw a few weeks ago.
Apparently, Hyundai has no plans to bring this over to the US. Where I really think it would sell well against other commercial vans from Mercedes, Ford, or Ram.
There are many versions available of course. passengers, cargo, etc… And I have also seen different screens. The one pictured here is pretty high …
Otherwise, this still looks pretty fantastic. Keep in mind this is a commercial vehicle. And they usually look like crap. (Have you really looked at a Ford Transit lately?)


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  1. Hyundai needs to bring Staria to the U.S. market. This people mover would be a total homerun in niche market sales for both commercial and private use. I'd immediately trade my 2016 Odyssey for one of these if Hyundai's current streak of quality improvements and engineering continues.

  2. As a hybrid, it would be perfect for cabs in NYC. It's got an iconic look that a cab would benefit from.

  3. Is it a good idea to replace the bumpers with headlights? All the delivery vans I see have dented/bent bumpers. Those headlights are gonna be very expensive to replace every time there;s a little scrape/bump with the front end.

    But stunning design otherwise.SO much more modern than anything else out there.

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