2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer: here it is…

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This all-new Jeep Grand Wagoneer is their best shot at the Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator.  We are talking about primo-American style luxury here.
They are throwing everything they’ve got into this super lucrative (huge profit margin) segment. 
And why not. 
When I first saw the concept, I was really disappointed it didn’t look more like the original Grand Wagoneer. Which is really too bad and a huge missed opportunity.
Still, this looks ultra-luxurious.
As you can see, not all the versions have the stupid passenger screen. But apparently, it is not visible from the driver’s seat. Which is good (and safe)
Otherwise, this could be a formidable competition to the Escalade.
The Grand Wagoneer is powered by a huge 6.4 Liter V8 with 471HP. Just imagine the gas mileage on that… And, unlike the Escalade, there is so far no other option. (The Cadillac gets the amazing diesel option)
The Grand Wagoneer starts at $ 89 000 for the base model. (Series I) While the top of the line Series III starts at $ 106 000.
Is this sick? in a bad way? Yes, it is. 
Some crazy “give no shit” farewell to the gas engine era, that’s what it is…


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  1. If there's one thing I hate more than gloss piano black, I can't think of it. I don't think the second screen below the main infotainment is necessary or even helpful. I prefer Rolls Royce's new Ghost approach by returning to physical buttons that you can instinctively navigate from muscle memory without taking your eyes off the road. It should be $15k cheaper, not 10k more expensive than a Tahoe. For that money, it better be as comfortable as a Range Rover, on-road and offroad.

  2. from Car and Driver: "The Wagoneer starts nearly $10,000 higher than the Chevy Tahoe, although the Jeep is better-equipped in base form than the Chevy, which comes with cloth seats and not as many standard features as the Wagoneer. So, really, it's more like a GMC Yukon Denali. Nappa leather seats come standard, though Palermo quilted leather is available on the Grand Wagoneer." – his explains the higher base price.

  3. beautiful interior design, will make a solid competitor to Escalade, Navigator, X7, Q7, GLS.. the passenger screen is a gimmick but will probably sell. minimal wood trim and nicely integrated. This does remind me of 1970s "American Luxury" done in a modern style

    from an exterior design perspective, they look too similar to one another and to the baby brother Grand Cherokee. The side window treatment is odd with the painted B, C, D pillars… it almost looks unfinished.. more noticeable on the silver car. minimal character line on the side profile and these chromed rimmed windows stuck on..

    2 pet peeves: huge car, TINY rear wiper. fit & finish or glove box seems off (same as in Grand Cherokee). huge, uneven gaps around it.

    weird miss that neither the Grand nor the regular Wagoneer have the mild hybrid engine that powers other Jeep/RAM vehicles. This surely would have helped gas mileage. The pricing seems way off, $60K and $89K base prices? I hope these are loaded… and really, $29K difference for a longer wheelbase and a 3rd row??

  4. That gray interior pic (3rd from the last) is not the Grand Wagoneer, but the Wagoneer, as noted by the badging on the steering wheel.

  5. Quote:

    "They are thinking everything they've got at this super lucrative (huge profit margin) segment.

    And why not."

    Here …

    I kept one for myself…

  6. Ugly. Anyway, the picture that doesn't have the passenger screen is the Wagoneer not the Grand Wagoneer, or at least that's what the steering wheel says, so I'm not sure if all versions will have that screen or not.

  7. With the exception of the interior, this monstrosity is a complete disaster. The shape of that rear 1/4 window makes it look really awkward. I can't believe this is what they came up with after all these years. I would never buy this over it's Ford/Lincoln/GM competition.

  8. its a Beluga Whale… that's what i see from looking at the front end… a big bubble nose like a Beluga Whale….

  9. I think this was a HUGE missed opportunity, due to the heritage of this name. We’ve been promised a Range Rover fighter for years, and we get an Escalade fighter. I get the fight to have the best dimensions in the class, but the Expedition has been too large for many, and the Tahoe recently grew to match that size.

    Here’s how I would have approached this:
    Take the incredible detailing and present it in a package the size of the Toyota Land Cruiser to start. This would have been cross shopped by tons of enthusiasts looking at Tahoes, Defenders, and even Range Rovers. I think this could have helped some of the proportions as well. Also – the rear end should have been cleaned up a bit.

    Bring out the L versions later. The icon could have re-established its name and the L version for soccer moms, could have been released 6-12 months after.

    Over and out.

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