2022 Jeep Wagoneer: the Grand Wagoneer “little” brother…

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While the new Grand Wagoneer is the crazy giant, the 5 seater Wagoneer looks a lot like the new Grand Cherokee. Maybe a bit too much?
Starting at $60 000, it is almost as expensive as the loaded top-of-the-line version of the new Grand Cherokee L. Which seats 7 and is (IMO) much better looking.
It is also about $10 000 more than a base Chevrolet Tahoe.
That’s not what I’d call a good deal. At all…
The new Wagoneer is powered by a   5.7 Liter V8 with 392HP. 
Unless you are craving for a huge Jeep or want the newest thing, I can’t really see the advantage of this over a Tahoe. On top of it, the Tahoe is available with a 28MPG Diesel option.
I do like the Wagoneer interior better. But is it $10 000 better?
And again, the all-new Grand Cherokee L starts at around $36 000. That’s a huge difference.
Sure, towing! And more towing. But how many people really do that?
The “smaller” Jeep can already tow 7200 pounds! Of course, the Wagoneer beats it with 10 000 pounds. 
But really… Let’s face it, 99% of these things are just taking small kids to school.
Or go on vacation here and there. These 99% aren’t towing anything…
I basically think this is about $10 000 overpriced…


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  1. if the market finds it overpriced, it will come with money on the hood. I still think it looks great (though I need to see more pics of the rear, a bit weird maybe?) and it beats the design of the Tahoe hands down. I'm sure Jeep isn't stupid, there must be a reason for those prices.

  2. Vince is having his "Get off my lawn" moment.

    Truth be told, most cars don't need more than 70-80 HP.
    My first car was a air-cooled Beetle, 40 HP. I then moved to a SAAB I think with a 115? HP. The thing was a rocket ship.

    I never pulled a trailer. Hence no one needs to pull a trailer.

  3. Actually it’s also 7 seats I believe, just less content. Assuming the bee longer version will be Wagoneer L and Grand Wagoneer L. This and the Grand Cherokee L, Grand Cherokee, and Cherokee…it’s getting a bit confusing

  4. Both the regular Wagoneer and the Grand are 7-8 passenger 3rd row vehicles. It's mainly equipment that differentiates them I believe.

  5. I don't understand the overlap between the GC XL and the Wagoneer. The new GC is much better looking. Can't stand the B,C,D pillar treatment on the Wagoneer- couldn't they have blended it more?

  6. The Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are the same size and both seat 7 or 8. The Grand Wagoneer is just the loaded up version that competes with the Escalade, while the Wagoneer is aimed at the Tahoe. Long wheelbase versions of both are coming if you're not confused enough already.

  7. Well, that wasn't worth the wait. Other than the interior, the current gen Grand Cherokee looks way better than this expensive in every way.

  8. I do t see why anyone would get this over the Grand Cherokee L unless they really want a standard V8 and no other additional features.

  9. the interior on this thing is well worth a $10k premium over the Tahoe's rubbery and cheesy interior aesthetic.

  10. the Wagoneer is BODY ON FRAME the Cherokee is UNIBODY. Very different characteristics, ride, weight, mileage and use cases.

  11. Looks like they took the midsection from a Tahoe from 2 generations ago, and thats not a good thing. They just put lipstick on a pig.

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