2022 Mercedes EQS: a better look outside…

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These are probably the last camouflaged photos we will see of the new Mercedes EQS. Next time will be the whole thing.
I really want to like this, but so far, it doesn’t really look as upscale, or special as I thought. maybe the final trim elements will work their magic and it will look fantastic?
If this ends up being the same price as a Model S it would be great. But again, I’m afraid of a crazy Mercedes price tag coming up…
No matter how great Mercedes is as a brand, they are playing catch-up here. Not only to Tesla and its Modell S, but also Lucid.
Even though the Air has not been delivered yet, it has been unveiled a while ago with a stunning design, and very long range.
All we know about the EQS is a rumored 435 miles range in the European testing cycle.
Which is great, and very competitive.
Instead of an Electric S-Class, this seems more like an Electric AMG GT 4 door coupe.

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  1. A German electric car is a nonstarter. Why would anyone want to deal with German electronic systems which are some for most unreliable in the industry?

  2. Sensible people will be put off by the gun slit windows, but others will like the distinctiveness–and the star.

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