2022 Mercedes EQS: a look inside…

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Not sure if this is the real thing or not. But it does match the previous spy shots we have seen.
Overall, this interior looks a lot cleaner than the new S-Class. Or even the new C-Class. 
Although all these screens could end up being very distracting, they seem to be positioned fairly low. And could actually be better than most large tablets we see these days.
I wonder how much this will be. In a perfect world, it should be a bit more than the Model S or Lucid Air. Which means a starting price of around $90 000. But, since this is Mercedes, the actual base price could be quite insane…


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  1. I wonder how much battery all those screens and lights use? It's probably minimal, but still, seems excessive for a car trying to get as much miles as possible on a battery.

  2. Just wait until you shut the car off. I can't even begin to imagine all the fingerprints that would be visible.

  3. This is so hideous and gaudy, and I hate those sphincter air vents. After sitting in one of these, I’d have to sit in a Tesla to calm my senses.

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