Genesis X Coupe Concept: this is it…

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For some reason, I am not a big fan of this new Genesis Coupe Concept…
I mean, I love the idea of a new coupe in our world of SUVs and trucks of any kind. This feels like the rebirth of the old Lexus SC from the ’90s.
But the front end is just off. That weird huge Superman grille they insist on using on everything they make doesn’t look good here. Sure, it is thinner in an attempt to fit a sportier image. But the point going into the lower grille really looks awkward to me. 
The little rear side windows remind me of old Italian cars, which is nice (not sure which one thouyg0
And the interior is very nice and classy. And refreshingly devoided of the “screens everywhere” disease.
I know I should like it…
No matter what, this is a pure concept that will not be produced…


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  1. The lighted lines behind the front wheels, and those angled 2 lines in the rear quarter window are elements that take the themes too far… otherwise, I think it's kinda beautiful.

  2. Stunning. Quite a draw to the eye without having the 100% “futuristic” look that cars nowadays come with- a bunch of lines and creases. If this made it into production in that form it would be a classic.

  3. Thought it woould be different by seeing the tease…not a fan…
    2000 Mercedes-Benz CL-Class revisited

  4. I see more of a modern take on a E31 BMW 8 series Coupe, especially in the greenhouse and roofline. I like the fact that this a sporty coupe, and I think if any company was daring enough to offer one, the Hyundai Motor Group would be the ones to take the plunge. I think it's a beautiful design with the exception of the rear 1/4 window dual diagonal lines. The interior looks amazing.

  5. Torn… I really want to like it.. the Ferrari 400 proportions and sharp detailing give it a completely different vibe than the Lexus LC, but the awkward quarter windows and odd fender blisters kind of dull my excitement. Plus there is almost zero market for this sort of vehicle in the US anymore.. they'd be better off bringing the G70 wagon here.

  6. I thought Cadillac should have lengthened their (previous generation's) front light pipes close to the A pillar to make the hood look longer, but it doesn't work when there's a wheel opening in the middle.

  7. Think Hyundai group are trying to create 3 distinct brands, Hyundai Techno brand, KIA sporty, Genesis Classic.

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