“Voltswagen”: WTF???

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I know right? 

It actually took me a while to realize this wasn’t a joke. I went directly to the official VW press site to see it was actually real:

-“US name change from Volkswagen of America to Voltswagen of America begins May 2021”

VW has a long history of weird moves in the US. Regarding both products and marketing. (Starting with the “revised US- built” original Golf/Rabbit) But this is by far the weirdest of all. And apparently (and contrary to what I have read on other sites) this is not a new sub-brand. But a new name for the whole US operation of VW.

-“Moving forward, “Voltswagen” will be placed as an exterior badge on all EV models with gas vehicles sporting the VW emblem only. Exterior and interior signage will soon roll out to all Voltswagen properties and dealerships across the US”. 

This, of course, raises a few questions. Among them:

– Are they out of their mind?

– Do they have that much money to waste?

– Shouldn’t they use all that cash to fix the many cars they sold with defects they don’t even admit?

– Why US only?

– Does that mean the few ID4s sold with a “Volkswagen” badge are instant classics?

– Should we expect “Auditron” or “BMEV” soon?

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  1. If you look at their history across the globe, something like this is not unprecedented. They once rebranded Wolfsburg to Golfsburg to celebrate the launch of the Golf.

    I see this as a marketing ploy, it will eventually go away once their EV movement catches on

  2. They can name themselves whatever they want. To the rest of us they are just known as unreliable.

  3. That is how you reset your brand image quickly and easily (and they NEED to). I am sure majority of Americans would think "Voltswagen" is a fresh new brand from Germany. They know Americans too well.

  4. Apparently this was in fact a joke. The VW representatives were lying when they confirmed it. What does it say about a corporation that can't pull off an April Fool's prank properly?

  5. It won't have Voltswagen written on their vehicles.
    This is just a marketing trick. Volkswagen won't change anything.

  6. Might be a good idea for you too Vince. Maybe a rebrand of the blog?
    How about 'Cars & Whinning'?

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