2022 Toyota Land Cruiser: Vs. the 2021 model.

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Just a few small bits about the new Toyota Land Cruiser for 2022. Compared to the current model.

The top pic shows a really rough illustration of the new model’s shape. Which is actually pretty generic. And could really be from anyone, anywhere.

The new interior shows a big wide tablet sticking out. Looking quite similar to the setup uses in the new Toyota Venza. With zero effort to integrate the screen into the rest of the interior design.

Apparently, this won’t matter much to us since Toyota will not be selling the next land Cruiser in the US. For some odd reason. Unless they send it to us as the 2022/23 Lexus GX?


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  1. This looks pretty evolutionary but also like it could be subtly very nice.

    I'm sure hoping they bring this here as a 2023 (all we know so far is no 2022 for the US).

  2. Always cynical towards anything Toyota, but never paying due diligence…(sic)

    Lexus GX has nothing to do with the big Land Cruiser and never will, save for maybe TNGA-F. That's Lexus..

    One should know this by now after 20 years, but I guess it's cooler to play obtuse towards "lame" ToyoLex like, forgetting a nobody's name.

    I'm sure this comment won't post of course…

  3. @1:50PM

    There is no 2023 Land Cruiser in the USA, that should be obvious per a leaked Toyota internal presentation and it has been said elsewhere many times the past 2 years.

    300-Series is not coming as is. The future of the nameplate in USA is being reviewed and will not return before 2024. Could be based on J180 or 70-replacement on TNGA-F.

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