2022/23 Toyota Land Cruiser: next generation…

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 We already know Toyota will not offer the Land Cruiser in the US for 2022. Which means it could come back for 2023. Or maybe only be offered as a Lexus from now on. Who knows…

I had posted a few illustrations of the beast before, (HERE and HERE) but it seems the real thing is even worse. I guess they might be right by not offering this in the US anymore. I just wonder if a Lexus grille will make it better.

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  1. man, there's no second link. check that out please. you say (HERE and HERE), the second HERE has no link. Anyways, I love the new design.

  2. It seems to a modification of the outgoing model as it shares the same bonnet line in the front. The new model has a straight line on the front of the bonnet. Also the new model has side mirrors mounted further down on the door, not mounted in the corner of the window.

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