2022 Ford F-150 Lightning: Best seller goes electric…

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As I mentioned yesterday, an electric version of the best-selling vehicle in the US is huge news. And here it is.
So far, there will be only one body style. 4 door with a 5.5-foot bed. 
The base model gets a 230 miles range. While a larger battery gets 300 miles.
It uses a new frame with a new rear independent suspension. And prices start at $53 000 for the XLT model.
There is also a cheaper “commercial model” available for $40 000.
A regular gas-powered F-150 XLT with 4 doors stats at around $40 000. Not sure if the equipment is the same as the lightning. But the EV does get an independent suspension and that huge front trunk pictured above.
(Which is pretty incredible)
After incentives, the EV one might only cost a couple of thousands more. Which is quite amazing.
I think this is fantastic news. It seems that Ford priced the new EV right. (a $30 000 base model after incentives!)
The huge front trunk is quite amazing. And it has a look that is popular with millions! Unlike the weirdo Tesla Cyber Truck. I really think this is good news for all. Except for Tesla…
( I think Rivian will appeal more to recreational truck users.)


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  1. As far as price is concerned, they need to keep it down if they really want to see these, because a gas XLT may start at around $40K, but Ford is the discount king, usually offering thousands off the top of their trucks. That's one of the reasons the F-150 sells so many each year. I think it's smart, if boring, to make it look like the regular F-150, since a lot of truck buyers aren't big fans of electric vehicles and won't want their truck to look like one.

  2. Front Truck….😂
    I see this as the future best selling EV in America. Well done Ford. Best of both Worlds.

  3. LOVING the very functional Frunk.. guess Ridgeline doesn't have the lockable storage market cornered anymore.

  4. Just 230-300 miles range? I don't think many will be running to the dealership for it until the range is closer to 500 miles.

  5. This is a work truck. Not a vacation SUV. 230/300 miles is more than enough for what it will be used for.

    This will be a huge hit. Especially the cheaper $39 000 version, which is mostly for fleets.

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