2022 Ford F-150 Lightning: the video…

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I am not a truck person, and yet, I find this very, very impressive. I can only imagine how actual truck fans feel. Especially Ford truck fans.
This is really the true beginning of the EV revolution. 
It will be very interesting to see how many of these they actually sell. And how many will be in addition to the regular F-150 sales. And how many current F-150 owners will switch.
The F-150 Lightning will only be available about a year from now…
On another note: was this Brian Cranston I heard?

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  1. I like the truck and think it will be a hit, but the $53,000 truck is for marketing. That is with the standard range battery. The XLT will probably be $65,000-$67,000 with the 300 mile battery and a couple options. They use the word "available" throughout the video.

  2. I'd buy this over cybertruck all day long, just due to the styling. Ford really brought their A game here. Surprisingly impressive.

  3. Ford played this very, very smart. For a market that has never favored radical changes, they wrapped their futuristic power source in a body that will feel comfortable for many. Plus they've really maximized the "what electric can do for you" aspect – tons of onboard power ports, great storage, easier trailering and the ability to power your house (?!) during a grid failure. All of Texas should buy one just for that.

    Lots of stuff people will like and use, plus it takes no gas, blistering acceleration, and has 40% less parts. I was shockingly (ha) impressed. Something buyers can see themselves in as opposed to an over-the-top flight of fancy.

    Between this and the upcoming electric Transit van, fleets are going to be all over these. If they don't screw up the quality, looks like a major hit in the making. That's good news for all of us, and the planet.

  4. Don’t need or want a pickup but here in NorCal could sure use the three day home power backup for our ever more frequent blackouts. If they add that to the Mach-E that feature alone would put me in the market.

  5. "I still think they should have called it the Ford E-150."

    E 150 is already in use for a van, notgonnahappen.com

  6. If they called it he E-150, they couldn't count it as part of the F* series sales numbers! The practical uses that Ford outlined in their marketing is nice. Comparing this to the GMC hummer marketing is night and day.

  7. The silence on the equipment offered on the Ford Lightning base trim that is grabbing all the headlines for its sub 40K price is very telling. This is a scam in the making. Classic bait and switch marketing tactics. Ford is trying to play into the hands of the Biden administration that wants affordable American made EV's for all but the reality is, that this will be a phantom truck. Most of their deposits are probably from naive people thinking they will be at a sub 40k price range but will end up canceling next Fall when they get the upsell from the dealer when filling out their order form. The Administration needs to make the $7,500 tax credit only applicable to vehicles under $40k if they are really serious about democratizing EV's for all Americans. They could even increase it to $10k or more with the money saved by not allowing it on higher priced vehicles.

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