2022 Ford F150 Lightning: this is it…

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While it will officially be unveiled tomorrow, Ford has already shown us the new Ford F-150 Lightning.
It happened while President Biden was touring the Dearborn factory.
It doesn’t take a genius to realize an Electric version of the best-selling vehicle in the US is a huge deal. 
Ford almost sold 900 000 of them in 2019. Which is an amazing number (and something I really do not understand…) A fraction of this could still be big numbers by EV standards.
No, it doesn’t have that cool (weirdo) factor the Tesla Cyber Truck has. But it has that boring, square, same old chrome design truck buyers love. 
We will know all the specs tomorrow. But if, after incentives, they can keep the price just a bit above the gas model, this will be a hit. The F-150 being mostly a work truck, it doesn’t need to have a 400 or even 300 miles range to be attractive to many…


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  1. It looks like they reused the molds for the previous gen's front end and combined them with the new one. And the light bar across the top doesn't work at all.

  2. It’s a HUGE deal and going to be a big hit! Ford making their number one vehicle in an electric version only speaks to this is our future! It makes me feel hopeful!

  3. …Rachel Maddow just opened her show and spent the first 30 minutes on the Ford F-150 Lightening truck!

  4. 1 in 18 vehicles sold in 2019 was the F150. There are still a lot of Tradesmen who actually work for a living.

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