New Honda HR-V Video: looking fine…

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This is a real-life video of the all-new Honda HR-V for the overseas market.
Of course, Honda has already said the US version will be different. 
But don’t expect another design or interior. The US model will be almost exactly the same as this one.
(as usual)
I think it does look fine in person. The current HR-V starts at around $21 000 over here. And I expect the next generation to cost about the same.
Since the 2022 Civic is pretty much the same price as the current generation. 
(Thanks to a reader for the link!)

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  1. It looks bigger than the current HRV and better-looking than the current CRV. Nice job for an entry lever crossover.

  2. this looks best in class.

    who needs an ev when you can throw in a hybrid powertrain like the insight for around $27K and get almost 50mpg.

  3. What's amazing is that the extended range can be used to power your WHOLE HOUSE in a power outage for 3 DAYS or more. This really looks like a great package

  4. @Patrick.. the C-HR doesn't functionally compete with anything but the long departed Juke. Everything else in the class is way more useful and capacious, not to mention better looking.

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