2022 BMW 4 series Gran Coupe: Vs. the i4…

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Just when I thought the 4 Series Gran Coupe was actually being replaced by the new i4, BMW shows us the new generation.
Which makes it even more obvious that the new i4 EV is just an electric version of the  Gran Coupe.
In these photos, you can tell both cars are almost exactly the same visually.
For some odd reason, BMW chose to really mess up the Gran Coupe design. The regular 4 series and the i4 are actually cleaner.
Just look at the crappy-looking black plastic trim all over the rear bumper! What the hell is that???
This is Subaru level of bad! Why???
It looks like BMW just cannot help it these days. They have to fuck things up somehow…


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  1. To me it also looks too much like the cheaper 2 series Gran Coupe.
    They should have used the 8 series styling instead.

    Hopefully we'll see also a redesign of the A5 sportback but chances are it may get discontinued with Audi's push of EV's. Short term I think offering hybrid or PHEV would sell better than EV's.

  2. Whoever designed the front end of these cars must've been out to screw his/her employer. What an epic fail.

  3. The i4 looks so much better. The Gran Coupe's rear bumper is very SUV/CUV-like….maybe that's the point? Instead of going all in on it basically being a fastback sedan, they use that to convince otherwise SUV buyers maybe….if they really don't need an SUV.

  4. Now we know where all the excess outgoing Honda Civic hatchback matte black rear bumper plastic is going to..

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