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Let’s start by saying the new BMW iX probably drives really nice. And probably feels really solid, well made, etc…
But… What I am seeing here is has to be the worst BMW design of all time. The exterior reaches a pinnacle of “overdone vulgarity”. With so many horrible bits/trim, it’s hard to look at.
While inside, things look like a handmade kit car from the ’70s.
As for specs, the US will only be getting the top version. With AWD and 516HP. While the range is “around 300 miles”. Like almost everything else these days…
Now for the price. The US model starts at $84 200. Or almost $20 000 more than the Audi eTron.
As for size, it is just a tiny bit longer than the X5. And about the same as the eTron.
I guess this is for people with questionable taste, who also have no idea what a BMW should look like. That could be a small group. Or is it?


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  1. This BMW does not compete with the e-Tron Sport back. (It competes with the regular e-Tron)

    Not sure where you live, but here in the US, the e-Tron official price is $65 900. Sportback is $69 100.

  2. Sometimes I disagree with your BMW bashing but this is the most outrageously hideous thing I have seen in years! It does not look the price and it's DISGUSTING! WTF is in order…

  3. So now not only do you have to be a BMW badge whore to tolerate the terrible styling, but you also need to be an EV nerd and rich. That's a tough sales trifecta.

  4. I am a hardcore BMW guy, but this is a Bavarian version of Pontiac Aztek. WTF they were thinking?

  5. i'm not going to lie…. it's actually an X7 that they bought at auction due to an accident,

    and they need to use it for the new Wolverine movie spin-off they are doing that takes place in the future on an alternate earth (C-List Hollywood Movie Magic)


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