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The new 2022 Infiniti QX60 is finally out. And it looks quite nice. It almost has a Range Rover feel to it somehow. Except for that huge grille. The one that looks really bad on the smaller QX50. maybe it does look better on the larger QX60…
Otherwise, this looks pretty clean and modern.
Inside, I am really getting tired of that “quilted leather” stuff everyone puts in everything these days. Once you can get that in a Sentra, any sense of luxury about it is gone. 
That orangy/brownish hue also seems the same as in the Sentra. You’d think the luxury division would want to get their own interior colors. 
As usual, this is the pathfinder cousin. And it uses the 3.5 Liter V6 and 9-speed auto from the new Pathfinder. So it is not breaking any grounds. Its main competition will probably be the new Acura MDX. Itself an excellent choice. Also the “still great” Buick Enclave.


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  1. I wonder if it's a rebadged Pathfinder? Seems it. Tired of that upside-down "L" shape cliché so prevalent in lower center consoles nowadays.

  2. I have to admit, this looks really good. Possibly Infiniti's best looking SUV in years. Nissan Plus sounds so bad when that high ranking Infiniti guy said it, but if they simply make great products with Nissan base, it might turn out okay. It's no different then what Lexus and others have done for years. Great design here Infiniti. It looks safe, but good in and out.

  3. This looks great. Happy for Infiniti. ON the surface I would take this all day long over the MDX.

  4. nicely done but quite generic at the same time. Infiniti is another manufacturer that decided to re-engineer the shifter…why??

    Vince is correct.. once you have orange quilted leather in a Sentra, it's no longer "luxury". They should have gone to a different color combo!

    based on these pics.. the quilted top of the dashboard looks cheap. Seats are fine but not dash. and what the heck are those huge chrome things in the back, below the "rear bumper"..

    speaking of which, there's little to no rear protection, in case of a minor fender-bender, the bottom of the tailgate will be damaged. like in most modern SUV designs… not a great design trend IMHO

  5. The "new" QX60 is based on the 20 year old Nissan Armada platform. The ZF 9 speed transmission seems to be used everywhere now. GM, Ford and Honda, they are all also arming their cars and SUVs with it too.

  6. Nissan and Honda used to design their own transmissions for compact to midsize cars but never for large size cars or trucks. Toyota and Hyundai are the only two manufacturers in the world that self design transmissions for the entire product line (including hybrids).

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