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From this teaser, it seems the next generation 2022 Subaru WRX might actually be about 5 to 10% better looking than the current model.
Which is a big deal for Subaru. Who really doesn’t care about design. The back now looks a bit like the previous-generation Corolla.
As far as the WRX is concerned, it seems buyers don’t care how it looks like anyway. As long as it goes fast. And it will.
The STI version is even expected to get around 400HP.
I personally knew someone who drove a WRX. A couple of years ago, he missed a turn in the Angeles Crest Forest (A famous “driving fast” road around here) and plunged to his death. 
These things are quite a handful to drive. And can be quite dangerous. Most people I see driving them cannot really handle them. Even if they think they can.
Since super fast accelerating EVs appeared, it seems almost everyone is now expecting crazy fast cars. 
Automotive writers routinely bash cars for being too slow.  Which is not a good trend at all. 99% of drivers cannot really handle a car that does 0 to 60 under 4 seconds.
And most of us don’t need or even want that.


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  1. completely agree with Vince.. as much as I love performance cars and performance driving, that really belongs on a closed course racetrack, not on public roads.

    We know several friends who bought high power SUVs a) because they wanted a practical car (and minivans were deemed to be for losers )and b) because their wives wanted something that felt fast.

    They're driving 5000lb+ cars like they are small sporty cars and most of the acceleration is treated as an on/off switch, it's either nothing or pedal to the metal… of course, the car manufacturers are more than happy to sell them these premium behemoths

    my friend has a WRX, I drove it, it's fun but always feels on the edge. It's tiresome to drive on a daily basis.. the older 3-series BMWs had a good mix of performance/comfort would make a better choice

    as for the styling, you're right, Subaru just does not seem like they care. However, they do sell A LOT of Subarus, especially in the NE where I live. How many more would they sell if the exterior design was nicer?

  2. I also agree… Acceleration is an experience. How interesting it is that we rush to shorten, or in effect, decrease this pleasurable experience. It is very impressive for a car to be fast, sure. Let us not forget the car enthusiast adage of ‘it’s more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow.’ Just wait another few years and there are high schoolers driving to school in Dodge Demons. Can society even survive this? Sorry to be so philosophical, but the Tesla Roadster doing zero to sixty in 1.9 seconds doesn’t a better world make.

  3. When Lexus started implementing the spindle grille, and Toyota grilles were trending larger in size, I often asked the same question. "How many more would they sell if the exterior design was nicer?" (I ask the same of current BMWs) Toyota/Lexus tend to sell off reliability/reputation alone, so they are not even close to failing, however; when this styling element was introduced, it was an eye sore to me. Forward a few years though, and not only have I gotten used to it, but I kind of like it as well. (on certain models)

    As far as acceleration capability goes, I agree with some of what you say Vince, but you also have to realize that in order to avoid certain accidents, having good brakes is important, but at times accelerating out of harms way can have equal importance.

    I have never driven a WRX, but I always figured with AWD they would be very secure performance oriented cars. Apparently I was wrong. Of course, based on the REALLY conservative styling alone, I would never own one anyway. That's also the reason I am not crazy about the 11th gen Honda Civic.

  4. I don’t know if there’s the same sort of excitement about the WRX as their used to be. A friend had an ‘05 (i think) and I could not wait to drive it. As ridiculous as it looked, it was amazing. Today, my 20-something nephew isn’t considering anything that isn’t a Model 3. Performance obviously still matters, but most people don’t want the farty sounds and juvenile styling that you get with WRX-type sports sedan/hatches. And more noise and more go-fast plastic doesn’t equal more performance anymore. It just sounds low-rent and creates a visceral situation that encourages people to drive recklessly. Subaru really needs to offer some sort of electrification so that this car can keep up with the new generation of small sports sedans.

  5. That new greenhouse is unimpressive. It’s like they decided to stay in 1989. They can cover that teaser back up.

  6. Amen, finally someone saying a thing about that topic. I couldn't agree more.

    Tbh., I don't care that much about details in an every day car once the performance is "sufficient"; The emphasis has completely shifted in the last years, with nearly all car channels on YouTube doing drag races, and frankly, that makes cars a bit of a one trick pony. Also, I hate how that makes many everyday cars ride hard on huge wheels with performance tires.

    A car should have more qualities than 1/4 mile times, especially, as most driver can't handle that, and, traffic is not made for these acerbations.

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