2022 Toyota Land Cruiser: a look inside…

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I think this is looking really good!
Except of course for the stupid looking tablet. The way it sticks out makes it look like a cheap after market stuff. Which is really too bad.
Otherwise, that interior is really nice, and quite upscale. (I really like the door panles and the console)
I really think Toyota should have sold this new generation in the US as a competition to the Tahoe /Yuckon.
The current generation started at over $85 000. Drop the base price to under $60 000 and you have something that could really sell.
I guess the Lexus version hasn’t been officially killed yet. So this could end up as a Lexus over here? 
Who knows…


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  1. I disagree about the screen, especially after seeing the BMW IX. The Landcruiser interior is looking really good imo.

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!!!! Can't wait for the Lexus Version!

    I thought though that the Land Cruiser was 'going back to its roots". This still looks like a luxury laden expensive SUV to me. Not complaining, I just thought we had heard for awhile that they would leave the luxury to Lexus

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