2022/23 Kia Sportage: finally…

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We finally get to see the real thing!
The all-new 2022/23 Kia Sportage is here. Well… Almost.
It comes out around the world soon as a 2022 model. But the US version will come later as a 2023 model.
No specs yet, but we can already see different versions from the photo just released. A new X-Line will be offered.
After seeing so many weird illustrations, I think Kia actually pulled it off. The final result looks quite nice. Even if the front end “isn’t for everyone”. I do think it works with the rest of the design.
The interior is pretty fantastic. And, in my opinion, far better than the telluride. And especially the super busy looking Sorento. 
This is actually far nicer than the new BMW iX messy and cheap-looking interior.
(The whole thing looks better than the poor BMW)
Engines should be similar to its Hyundai Tucson cousin, as usual.
We will see more and more of this soon, but so far so good!


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  1. I also like it too. An X version would be interesting to see. It takes a shot at the more 'rouged' offering of the RAv4 version.

    Something tells me that the midcycle EV6 will get the rear tail light trim as this new model.

    An all-electric variant of this model would be cool but one has to wonder what the 'EV5' will be all about.

  2. Looks like they tried to reinvent Seltos tiger face, not sure if the execution worked as well as they hoped it'd be.

  3. "One Trick Pony" does it again.
    Drawings. "Ugly"
    Disguised. "Ugly"
    Renders. "Ugly"

    Real deal. "That's not so bad."

  4. Wow this turned out better than I expected compared to all those millions of sketches. One question though. Where the hell are the headlights located?

  5. The Telluride needs a facelift because the new design language off the Sportage caused the Telluride exterior to look a bit dated. I'm sure that will explain why the Sportage is releasing in 2023. This will give the Telluride facelift ti release the same year to make the Telluride look more up to date

  6. I love how Kia designs are distinct to their own. It seems like although there is a common design language, each model embraces it a different way. The SUVS especially are not scaled down versions of each other. It's brilliant, and other car companies should take note.

  7. Don't get why you like this now though it looks just like the pics you didn't like before.

    It is a nice-looking vehicle, IF we ignore the "face only a mother could love."

  8. Not crazy about the front end design, but the side, rear, and interior design is pretty much faultless imo. Overall, a better execution than the Tuscon.

  9. hmmm… i'm going to say that i will give the front end a chance to grow more on me… doesn't look horrible… but does remind me of Bane… or Hannibal Lector… face mask thing going on….

    everything else looks flawless….

    the interior is amazing… & looking better & more attractive than the new CRV?!

  10. IMO, this looks better…inside and out… than the new Tucson. The exterior on this one seems to pull off something new and fresh without looking choppy and overdone. The interior looks great, and I prefer this Mercedes-ish approach to the dash. Hyundai came up with a neat & unique design, but this seems to strike a better balance between contemporary and wacky. For example, no goofy 2-spoke steering wheel.

    Just wish this was the one with the Hyundai badge/dealers.

  11. So you saying Kia should start copying like Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross greenhouse to be a copy of the 2022 Nissan Rouge's greenhouse? And keep the same comments"Kia is always copying."

    Now all of a sudden the front end is orginal but now they trying too hard. What you want them to be original or not?

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