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Strangely enough, Ford is planning to use VW’s EV platform for a new electric model. 
Not sure why since they already have their own EV platform. And apparently, the deal only calls for one new model.
It will be smaller and cheaper than the Mustang Mach E. So basically, competing with the ID.4. With a more rugged, truck design. Basically, an Electric Bronco Sport, kinda.
I think a rugged-looking EV could really be popular. Is Ford really on a roll?

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  1. I assumed that the VW collaboration would be for Europe. No? A boxy off roading EV could be a nice change, since every other EV seems to be going the futuristic spaceship route.

  2. I've seen a couple of Bronco Sport's on the road and I think an EV version would sell well, if the price is right. The VW partnership is weird and I don't understand it, especially for just one vehicle.

  3. Disappointed they're using the ID.4 platform which is inferior in range and battery capacity to the Mach-E platform. Maybe Ford wants to ramp up their EV platforms quickly and for some reason the ID.4 fits the bill.

  4. Not sure about this, Vince. All published news so far is that Ford will use the VW chassis in Europe only. In North America, Ford have publicly announced 2 dedicated EV chassis – one a next gen development of MME's chassis that will be for SUV's, and the other a dedicated EV chassis for F150 (and perhaps Transit and even Ranger). No mention publicly of what you describe here. You need some source attribution or more likely you've conflated what Ford plans for Europe.

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