2022 Infiniti QX60 pricing: going after the MDX…

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Infiniti has announced official pricing for the new 2022 QX60.
It’ll start at $47 900 for the base “Pure” model. Up to $61 400 for the “Autograph”.
Its main competitor in the US, the 2022 Acura MDX starts at $47 200. While the top of the line version is priced at $61 000.
These two are basically exactly the same price. I guess it’ll come down to a matter of taste.
I haven’t driven the Infiniti, but the new MDX is pretty fantastic. And it doesn’t have that super cheezy “quilted leather” crap. (Although it only comes in the “Autograph” model)
The Acura is also “all-new”. While Infiniti uses an updated version of the previous platform.
And the MDX also is available with a new more powerful Type-S version.
And none of the offers any type of electrification…


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  1. I felt the MDX uses flimsy interior materials. The other day I sat in one and shock the interior door panel, the center armrest, go with the Infiniti.

  2. The Infiniti looks great, and is much better now that they terminated the CVT. This will be a very strong seller.

  3. it's not bad… they did a good job of redesigning it…i need to see it in a different color, i can't take the 1970's Toyota Celica vinyl looking seats… along with the clay pot color…

    the buzzed eyeybrow headlights are kind of a cool signature…. two tone roof nice addition….. wish Ford still did the Flex

    however the infotainment is better in the nissan, touch screen… i've heard and read complaints about Acura's lag and touch pad issues….

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