2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Vs. the “L”…

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From my previous post about the new Grand Cherokee, the difference with the larger “L” version wasn’t that obvious. (HERE)
But from the rear angle, it is.
The roofline is completely new. As well as the lights.
I am not a fan of the chrome line. But that’s something that could actually look better in real life. And also better with a body-colored roof. Just like the one on the “L” pictured here.
What do you think?


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  1. The D pillar looks like a subtle hommage to the original Wagoneer. The whole thing looks fantastic, as every Grand Cherokee has when it first came out except for the awful 2005 WK model. The ZJ, WJ, WK2 and this WL all were/are great looking, comfortable, powerful, and capable and it's nice to see Jeep has kept it up over the years and through all the ownership turmoil.

    The jury is still out on the Grand Wagoneer though, got to see one in the flesh first…

  2. I have nothing against a chrome line like that. It looks a bit like the linkage of a retractable fabric roof on a horse carriage. Opel has it too. I just think it doesn't fit to the Jeep brand as it looks rather flimsy than solid.

  3. I’m not a fan of this whole “Floating Roofline”, though I think that the GC might have gotten it right though I’m not a fan of the all black. The chrome is too much as well. Honestly though, the L’s proportions are off and makes the suv look cheap.
    Jeep nailed the interiors but I don’t think they nailed the exteriors for the price tag, especially on the GW

  4. I see the JEEP logos are smaller and the lights are connected on the back of the tailgate. Far more upright sides then the current stepped JK2 w. it's fender bulges. I do like the base of the windshield for this and It's bigger Bros. The subtle contours are not visible in many photos, I know this is the top of the line and there won't be a another Track Hawk the last of which are unattainable just now. Curious to see a Trail Hawk and lets praise the Gods that the e-brake is now electronic since folks hate to use them.

  5. Fart- "The L is not a smart idea if you're trying to sell the Wagoneer."

    going by Your Logic, The Explorer/Arcadia/Traverse/Xt6 isnt a Smart Idea if they are trying to sell the Expedition/Yukon/Tahoe/Escalade…..

  6. @Fart, It is when one is car based and the other is a truck that’s even bigger with more towing capacity (and also has more features)

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