2022/23 VW Jetta: why even bother…

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It looks like the Jetta will be getting a facelift for the new year. (Not exactly sure if that’s for 2022 or 23…)
As you can see, there won’t be much news. It seems the chrome lines within the grille might look a bit different.
maybe the bumper?
Nothing new is expected inside. Except in China, where it will be getting a new dash similar to the Chinese Tiguan. With a large screen on top of the dash.
They still sold over 90 000 of these last year, so they might keep it for a bit longer. Unlike the Passat.
But there are chances it might well be the last generation Jetta we’ll see for a while.


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  1. VW are more bland than oatmeal at a holiday in continental breakfast. And Jetta is probably the most boring.

    VW makes Subaru's look like high fashion runway models. And on top of that at least Subaru's have a rock solid reliability rating, something VW can't touch with a 100ft pole.

  2. Superb news for those of us in states requiring front license plates: the next Jetta has a place to mount them! Bravo ladies and gentlemen, bravo!

  3. the hollywood extra helped me buy a scion XA in 2006, <$12000.00. recently i bought a 2019 jetta, $16500.00. 46 mpg from philadelphia to atlantic city and back. 8 speed automatic. the 1.4 liter turbo is a jewel. if you drive it like a diesel, shift at 4000, it is actually quite fast. so why bother? engine goes to 1.5 like the taos. oh, and 6 year warranty.

  4. The Jetta used to be a fun athletic sedan. Now it's just a bargain basement appliance for subprime buyers. It's the German Altima.

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