Battle of the Chinese grilles: which one is worse?

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Just when you thought the Lexus grille was a bit much. We have two brand new contenders for the Worst Grille award, both from China.
On top, we have the Roewe iMAX8 Minivan. The rest of the van seems to be a “boring OK” shape. But that front end is truly atrocious.
On top of that, this is sad to see what the old Rover brand has become now…
The bottom pic shows us the all-new Trumpchi GS8 SUV, from GAC Motors. An equally distasteful display of vulgarity.
Which one is your “favorite”?
And, do you think it could get any worse?


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  1. The new Bronco and Bronco Sport have built in bottle openers, but the Chinese have raised that on these 2 vehicles to include a massive cheese grater. You know, for those really large blocks of cheese.

  2. Roewe isn't Rover, and never was. MG Rover didn't actually own the Rover brand, but licensed it from BMW. Roewe is a made up brand with fake 'British' heritage designed to appeal to domestic Chinese buyers.

  3. I hate the bottom one. I loved it before! It was one of the most gorgeous vehicles in its class [the Triumpchi GS8 and the GS7 too], but the facelift ruined it all. What times we live in … thanks to you to address it.

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