2022 Kia Niro: new spy shot…

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 Today we get to see a little bit more of the new Kia Niro for 2022. At least from the rear. It looks like quite a thick C-pillar over there too…. Maybe there is still some kind of a window under the camouflage?

The lights also look like they are at least still partially covered. Which probably makes them look very different from the real thing.

it’ll be interesting to see how Kia will separate this from the new full-on EV lineup they just started with the EV6. Since an all-electric version of the new Niro is still in the cards…

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  1. Car makers need to wise up. Most people won't be able to transition directly to EV anytime soon. PHEVs and hybrids is where there needs to be more expansion.

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