2022 Mazda MX-30: DOA…

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Mazda is one of these car companies that people love. Their cars are mostly great. They drive well and look good. Plus, they are a rather small company, and who doesn’t want to root for an underdog?
But, they have also made stupid and very costly weird bonehead moves lately. The most recent being their “Adventure in the Diesel world”. A misguided idea that probably cost them a fortune.
They are also working on a new RWD platform and inline 6 cylinder engine. While it all sounds great, they are doing this while everyone is switching to EVs and stop spending money on regular engines.
Again, these guys will be late. I’m sure the RWD platform and the new 6 cylinders will be wonderful. But for how long?
Recently, they’ve announced their PHEV version of the MX-30 is “postponed”. (Whatever that really means)
Today, they’ve officially announced the only version of the MX-30 available in the US, the EV.
I posted the pricing above, and you can see it seems great. Especially after incentives. It could bring the price of this new Mazda under $23 000. That base price includes a 9-inch screen, heated seats, and even a sunroof.
BUT!   The total range is only 100 miles! So, even if they claim you can charge up to 80% in 30 minutes on a fast charger, that only gives you a bit over 60 miles in 30 minutes.
A 100 miles range in 2022 is a killer. The Mini EV gets away with its 110 miles range because it is mostly a city car. But this is sold as a small SUV. One that you can never use to actually get out of town with.
I am afraid this will end up being another costly mistake for them. It makes you wonder who makes all these decisions. (And also, if they really deserve to stay independent…)
This is why I officially submit myself as possible future Mazda CEO. 


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  1. I'd vote for you Vince, as long as you can yank Bierman from the Hyundai Motor Group.
    In all seriousness though, this is WAY too little too late.
    If the 3rd generation Mazda 6 would have been available in 2013 with the Sky Active Diesel, it may have been hugely successful. It was promised and then delayed for way too long. I really hope the "Range Extending Rotary," isn't the new Sky Active D. The PHEV is the only hope for the MX-30.

  2. I do love Mazda designs, but you're absolutely correct, they make really strange and ignorant business decisions. Especially for a small company that, you would think, doesn't have the capital to waste on bad move after bad move.

  3. 100% agree. This thing is ugly, has the suicide doors no one wants (see Honda Element, Mazda RX-8, BMW i3, etc) and terrible range. Who is this even for??

  4. I am very happy with my 2016 CX-5, but completely agree with your assessment. A string of bad decisions lately and they have nothing coming in the pipeline that I'm aware of at this point that interests me as a replacement vehicle. Apparently they are working on a hydrogen-powered rotary engine (huh?), though some recent trademark patents did hint at hybrid and pure electric models as well.

    The rear wheel drive/6-cylinder stuff is all great for an ever-shrinking market, but if they want to aim for "luxury," how many people even have a gas engine on their considered luxury list anymore?

    My driving is pretty limited, especially during these pandemic times, so I'll have the CX-5 at least 5 more years, but its successor will be electric, and Mazda won't be in the running unless they get their act together.

  5. Loves? MB sells about the same as them at drastically higher prices. Mazda is a Honda, Nissan + Toyota competitor and sells a fraction of them.

    Even Subaru, which basically sells 4 models in the US has double the sales.

    No one "Loves" Mazda anymore than the others.

  6. The new minimum range in the next year or so will be 300 miles. Anything less will look outdated. 100 miles? Laughable.

  7. A complete #fail. On every level! 100 miles? Almost as much of a joke as that exterior design.

  8. Vince, you got the most important fact wrong; Mazda has no choice but to take those rather weak motors and small batteries for their cars because EV components supplies very limited. You do know that Mazda has little EV related intellectual assets, hence, has to outsource everything for their EVs. Samsung, LG, SK Hynix, and CATL are all fully booked for the next 5-10 years to fill the orders from mainstream car manufacturers. All Mazda can do for now is to take any possible leftovers.

  9. Note that Toyota owns 5% of Mazda. They are not completely on their own, but I agree with you, and note that this is probably strictly a compliance vehicle, as it begins sale in the State of California. Need those credits!

  10. How about the mistake of abandoning "Zoom Zoom" for a futile attempt to move upscale??? Marketing logic says: Ain't gonna work. In consumers' minds, Mazda is a lower-end Japanese car and those minds aren't going to change.

  11. For everyone who thinks ev's are going to take over in the next 10 years, think about this.
    1. EV market share shrunk to 1.8% in 2020 down from 2% in 2019
    2. 33% of ev buyers switch back to ice vehicles.
    3. EV loose 40% of their range when the temp is below 25 degrees. Add this to the 20% they reccomend you do not let your battery drop below and wala you lost 60% of your range. Your 300 mile car is now 120. AC reduces range 20%

    I think Mazdas move is smart. With a longitudinal engine layout they have all kinds of room in the transmission for different levels of hybridization. The ZF 8 speed (best auto in the world) is available as a regular transmission, 20 HP electric motor, or 120 HP electric motor for full plug in hybrid. Try doing that with a transverse engine.

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