2022 Toyota Something?

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The spy shot above does look a lot like the next-generation Toyota Tundra, due out very soon (bottom pic)
But somehow, still heavily camouflaged, even though we have obviously seen it.
Maybe it is the smaller Tacoma? Would they look that similar?
Could it be the next Sequoia?
What do you think?


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  1. No reason to think this isn't the Tundra. Lights and front end generally match up with the image revealed, but the full vehicle hasn't actually been revealed yet…just one image of that specific trim level (and even if it was, we've seen other vehicles over the years still camouflaged for a period of time after revealed).

    Even Toyota wouldn't have the Tacoma look identical, and I don't think there are rumblings of a next-gen Tacoma this soon. Maybe the Sequoia, but hard to tell what's happening behind the rear door.

  2. Whatever it is, when it comes out, get ready to see it unchanged for at least a decade or more….

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