All-new generation Acura Integra: coming up soon!

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That is quite a surprise.

And a great one! Although, basically, the current ILX sedan has been an “Integra replacement” for a while. This means the new Integra will replace the ILX. And probably be a sedan only, again based on the Honda Civic. With more power and a more upscale design and interior.

Although the teaser above already looks pretty good, it doesn’t look as amazing as the design study posted HERE a while ago.

I cant wait to see more…


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  1. This might be the most exciting news I have seen all year. As long as it looks more modern than the 2022 Civic.

  2. As a former owner of a 1994 Integra GS-R and a 2002 RSX-s I couldn't be more excited, even though I know it won't be an 8000rpm screamer. I've been annoyed to watch Acura try and tie the old Integra and NSX to newer models like the RDX (get a grip), so to have an actual Integra back is great.

  3. the original Integras were terrific. I remember back in 1986 we had a brand new Acura dealership in Vancouver. My Aunt and cousin came to visit my family from out of town.
    I took my cousin down to the Acura dealership to show him these ''cool new Honda cars that just came out, your mom might like one!''.
    And she went down to that dealership and bought herself a new Acura Integra, 4 dr h'b, auto in white. About 5 years later, she went and bought the 1991 Integra, 2 dr, hb, red/auto. I got to drive each car a few times whenever i visited my aunt and was such nice driving cars, so sporty and i felt i was driving something so much more special then the usual crap we had in our family.
    I think i got my aunt and her children addicted to Japanese cars as they kept the Integras in the family, bought up used and new Accords, Civics , Camry, Suzuki Swift, etc.
    I hope that this new Integra has that bit of magic that made the first Integras such fun to drive.

  4. I expect it to be on the civic platform, but after looking at the drone profile again, it looks like a 2 door TLX. The over hangs, the long bonnet, the cabin that's pushed far back to give it a RWD look, it screams 2 door TLX to me.

  5. I'm incredibly shocked at the lack of spy shots of this thing given that it's apparently going on sale next spring. Where is Honda hiding this?!?!! Even the yet to be announced new Pilot has mules running around

  6. As long as it’s not 2 generations behind by being based on the 2012 Civic, then they may have something special. But the real question is why would someone get this over a Lexus IS?

  7. I'm super excited to see them bring this to market. I really hope they've got a four door, or five door hatchback as well since no one buys coupes anymore.

    "BillyM67 said…
    Does Acura sell enough cars to warrant the investment in a new one?

    August 13, 2021 at 1:53 PM"

    I always laugh at silly comments like this. "Acura is dead, no one buys Acura, Acura is stupid etc"

    They've sold almost a MILLION VEHICLES in the past 4 years. That's about as far from dead as it gets.

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