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2022 should be a good year for the Silverado. The redesigned interior looks great. Even in the more basic model pictured in the 3rd photo.
Also, unlike previously mentioned, the column shifter is not dead. This is actually a good move since some people still like it.
The wood trim on the High Country version looks really good. But so do the other versions pictured here. This is a huge improvement from 2021. And that interior is now much nicer than the Tahoe/Suburban…
Other changes include the new SuperCruise option.
More power for the 2.7 Liter engine. Which is now the standard engine. 
Otherwise, this is basically the same truck. (now with a great interior). Which, I guess is what truck buyers want.


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  1. better than the previous model but still messy from an ergonomics standpoint.

    what is that weird notch/open space behind the screen?

    Why have 2 different kids of shifters? pick a good one and stick with it. Column shifters actually make more sense for trucks.

    lots of buttons and knobs left and right of the steering wheel, assume these will not be used while driving? That center console/armrest is huge while the seats appear to be small

    unfortunate that no one has come up with a viable 3 front seat arrangement, these trucks are so much bigger than the cars in the 70s and those cars had 3 up front and 3 in the rear seat. Plenty of room in this silverado to do a 3+3 setup… and it would be a differentiator vs Ford, RAM, etc. And yes, they would have to figure out a design for a airbag for the middle front passenger…

  2. Open space behind the screen is storage for sunglasses/ wallets etc.

    The reason for the 2 different shifters is for the two different seating configurations (3+3 or 2+3) – when you get the six passenger you get the column mounted gear selector – when you have the front bucket seats (five passenger) gets you the newly designed center console gear selector.

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