2022 Honda Passport: new illustration…

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 This wasn’t hard to guess. We have seen the spy shot (HERE) of the revised Honda Passport for 2022.

And basically, it is the good old Passport with a Ridgeline front end. So here it is. I really don’t think the new front end does anything to help the Passport. The rest of the car now doesn’t go with that big grille at all. It’s all just too plasticky and borderline vulgar.

On top of that, the Passport will probably look really old next to the all-new 2023 Honda Pilot we will be seeing in just a few months. I am not predicting a much better 2022 year for the Passport than the 30 000 they sold in 2020…

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  1. huh? i dunno…i like it. Looks fine to me.
    much nicer then the ''cute'' 2022 Hyundai Casper….lol.
    To each their own!

  2. Honda can only make so many Passports because they make them alongside the Odyssey, Pilot and Ridgeline in Alabama. Comparing the sales is fair, but so is pointing out the production quantity.

  3. Honda is trying really hard to maintain their timelines, even as the pandemic and all its supply-chain and workforce craziness has required adjustment and nimbleness. But Honda has the most flexible manufacturing system in the industry.

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