2022 Lexus LX: new illustration…

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Just no. Please no.
We all know a new generation Lexus LX SUV is on its way, based on the new Toyota Land Cruiser. And we can also expect the new Lexus to look pretty bad.
But I really don’t things will be that awful…


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  1. Honestly… for me, it's the f'n grill. Much like the rightfully maligned old Acura "beak" grill, no matter how much they try to finesse it, it is just ugly as sin.

    For all the great engineering of Toyota/Lexus, Honda/Acura and Subaru, Why can't they hire/ put some money into design? It's not like they do not have money to do that. After all, Mazda can do it (and while I'm not a fan of Hyundai/ Genesis) they seen to be able to design good looking cars too.

  2. Toyota's (and Lexus) problem is that the spindle grill may have worked on smaller vehicle concepts, but it cannot be called to larger and especially taller vehicles without becoming monstrous and taking over the entire vehicle visually. Yet they can't seem to find a way around it, so they keep plastering it on everything. It's just bad.

  3. Doesn't Lexus/Toyota realize how many more vehicles (of all models) they would sell if they didn't look like crap in the front. Maybe they don't care or don't need more sales or $$.

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