2022 Mazda CX-5: not new…

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That’s right, this is NOT the all-new RWD Mazda CX-5 we have all been waiting for.
 Instead, it looks like Mazda is giving the current generation a facelift. As you can see, it is basically redesigned lights and bumper. For a cleaner, simpler look.
Which is just fine.
But does it also mean the new one is not ready yet? At all? I doubt Mazda would spend the cash on these revisions for just one model year. Or even a few months.
(Although they have done very stupid and costly things before)
You’ll also notice this is the Chinese market model. Which could mean Mazda is keeping the next generation away from China for a while. Or the current facelifted model could become a cheaper “classic” model sold alongside the all-new, more expensive, generation.
Who knows… 


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  1. It is possible just like Mazda sold the CX-3 along side the CX-30 for years after the introduction of the CX-30, that the same might happen to the CX-5 and yet to be unveiled CX-50.

  2. The new face may be cleaner, but it's also a little less interesting and I'm not wild about that lower frowning lip. It's a great vehicle though and it blows the doors off its boring competition.

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