2022 Toyota Tundra: the grilles…

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I mean really, WTF???


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  1. Unfortunately, Toyota design engineers have never really gotten the knack of designing an aesthetically pleasing front end. Their efforts are exaggerated even more with Lexus.

    In regard to the Tundra, I can't imagine anyone paying the high cost to own this atrocity. The lower trims look better imo. The TRD will sell no matter what due to it's off road prowess.

  2. Whoever is in charge of Toyota/Lexus design and approved the front grills of many of the latest models needs to be fired ASAP. BMW came out with those horribly huge kidney grills and someone at Toyota thought, we can top that, just wait and look at our huge and uglier grills! The rest of the Tundra looks like a mash of a Silverado and a Ford in the rear. The interior is the only real bright spot.

  3. Why didn't they stretch the grill to the corners and put the headlamps within the grill. If they're going to be ridiculous with the front why not go all the way!

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