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Acura has just released a second official teaser of the all-new 2023 Acura Integra.
As you can see, it is obviously a 4 door hatchback.
“Just like the original Integra, which helped launch the Acura brand in 1986, the fifth-generation Integra will be a premium sport compact with striking five-door design”.
These are the official words from Acura.
I think this looks great so far. We saw the front end before (HERE), but the rest of the car is much more original. I also hope the car pictured above is not just a concept ( I can’t see any door handles…)
Being described as a compact, it pretty much has to be based on the new 2022 Civic. But so far, it looks 100% different. And 1000% better!

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  1. no need to get excited, vince….it will be just another boring design from honda/acura.

    and because it will be a car, not an suv, no one will buy it.

  2. Acura did a so-so job on the new NSX. The new one lacks the glory of the original. It is likely Acura may repeat the same mistake.
    A 4-door hatch is OK but the name Integra signifies the 2-door.

  3. The first three generations of the Integra were all available with a choice of 2 or 4 doors.
    The 2023 model refers to the first generation, which was both a hatchback coupe and a hatchback sedan.

    Almost nobody would buy a 2 door Integra today. Acura is just being smart.

  4. I am liking what I am seeing so far, but am very pessimistic about the final product. I really hope Acura isn't pulling a Subaru here with that swoopy teaser.

  5. It's fun how they put the little notch for your hand to lift the hatch, like the original. Likely not needed these days, but a nice generational detail.

  6. Integra from gen1-3 and the RSX we're available as 3dr hatch, 4dr sedan (Gen3) and 5dr hatch.

    Acura has already said this car will be their halo. not it's most expensive, most luxurious or fastest. but what casts the idea of Acura going forward onto the rest of the line.

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