2022 Dodge Journey: here it is…

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As you can see, the “new” Dodge Journey is far from a new car. As it is, in fact, a Chinese Trumpchi GS5. And that model came out in China back in 2018.
The “new” Journey is the result of a deal between Stllantis and the Chinese GAC Group.
To be fair, it does allow Dodge to have an extra model. In a cheap way.
So far, the GAC Journey is only for the Mexican market. And it looks like there is almost no change from the Chinese version. (Grey car above)
Except for some elements of the grille that have been replaced by some black trim, vaguely resembling a Dodge…
On another note, I wonder if that logo on the steering wheel is some new official Dodge logo???
Just two sideway lines?


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  1. Why did they put the dodge logo in a plastic oval, and why didn't they give it Dodge's UConnect5?

    Those two things really cheapen it.

  2. I see a horrible sales future for Dodge/Chrysler/Stelantis or whatever they're called this minute.

  3. Dodge has been using that logo for a while on their cars…

    LOL at the comment re: not having UConnect5. Of course it doesn't – this is clearly a cheap badge engineering exercise from the Chinese model. They're not going to give it completely new hardware/infotainment.

  4. The exterior already looks dated, however the Journey has never been one that I would term attractive anyway.

  5. This shouldn't be a huge surprise, considering they have been selling the Mitsubishi Mirage sedan down there as a Dodge Attitude for years.

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