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The all-new Range Rover does seem a bit of a gamble.
It seems they are going for a super clean design, while other big luxury SUVs are getting more and more vulgar.
No giant grille. Almost no chrome trim. Just a very clean version of the iconic Range Rover design.
Something more for the British monarchy than your average Russian mafia oligarch.
This is the opposite of what we have just seen with the new Lexus LX. Or any of the huge luxury SUVs from Cadillac, Lincoln, and now Jeep.
As for the interior, I am afraid the “simple look” is carried a little bit too far. Since it seems very close to the revised Jaguar F-Pace interior we saw a few months ago (bottom pic)
The base price of the jaguar is almost $45 000 less than the current Range Rover. And the interior should reflect that huge difference in a more obvious way.
(Unless the interior photo of the new Range Rover is actually wrong…)
Not sure about the powertrain yet, but some kind of PHEV is almost certain. And maybe even a full EV version.
(If there is an electric version, it would now directly compete with the aging Tesla Model X. Which now starts at $100 000. While the regular 2021 Range Rover is about $10 000 less…)


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  1. Continuing to place the fake side vents on the actual front door instead of the fender makes the door look even shorter than it already is.. and the extended length rear door doesn't help. I think this looks horrible in so many ways!

  2. I think the interior is def photoshop – looks too much like parts and pieces from the LR configurator – That screen is from the 2022 defender build page

  3. This is a weak effort, it looks like the current one only less inspired and a ripoff of the Telluride rear light treatment.

    But it will sell in droves, cause it's all about status at this price point.

  4. I knew Vince was going to throw in the Russian mafia.
    The French have done some nasty design stuff too, lol.

  5. Excellent design, but the original trail-destroying Range Rovers must be laughing at this starched shirt off-road where it'll be crying at getting all dirty and wrinkled. And the wimpy drivers, too.

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