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 There have been rumors about an all-new generation Mazda 6 for a while now. 

We know a new CX-5 replacement called CX-50 is coming out next year. Based on a new RWD platform and using an equally new inline 6 cylinder engine.  The previous Mazda 6 rumors all mentioned the new sedan would be based on that same platform and using the same new 6 cylinder engine. There is also a more recent rumor about the new sedan being unveiled early next year. This means the CX-50 would be right around the corner since we will be seeing it first.

While we have seen a few spy shots of the upcoming CX-50 (HERE), there has been nothing about the new Mazda 6. Only a few illustrations. And here is another one. Basically showing a larger Mazda 3 sedan with RWD proportions and a new slimmer grille.

I’m actually not so sure there will be another Mazda 6 after all. At least in the US. The current one has been discontinued in the US, and a new one seems quite an investment for a small company like Mazda. The previous Mazda 6 sold only 18 204 units last year. (While Honda was still selling around 200 000 Accords)

Then again, we are talking about a company that wasted tons of cash on an all-new Diesel engine for the US. And is now pushing a brand new EV with a 100 miles range.

So, who knows…

(Thanks to a reader for the illustration)

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  1. The Mazda 6 with supposed hybridized inline six and rear wheel drive being a sister car to the next generation Lexus IS and RC… Things could be worse.

  2. Well, I for one, love it, or anything close to it. It also proves large grilles aren't required to make it in the premium class. I really hope Mazda decides to bring back the 6 and eventually the 3 as well, but I am really looking forward to the CX-50 and 90 also.

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