2023 Mazda CX-50: a few new clues…

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As mentioned last week (HERE), the 2023 Mazda CX-50 will be based on the CX-30. Not the all-new RWD platform. (the larger platform will be used for the CX-70 and CX-90 in the US)
It seems the new CX-50 will be a North American market product only and built in the US.
There is already a rumor about the new 6 cylinder engine being available in the CX-50. It is unlikely since the new engine has been engineered to be used in the new larger RWD platform. But who knows.
If Mazda can make it work, it would really help differentiate the CX-50 from the CX-5. Which will still be available after the new model comes out. (Although it could become a cheaper FWD-only model).
By then, what would be the advantage of the new RWD CX-70? Sure, RWD. Something journalists will rave about. But 99% of buyers won’t even care. 
Will it be that much roomier and more luxurious than the CX-50 that will already sit above the CX-5? Or will it be a larger “coupe” design?
3 models covering one segment seems like a lot…
As many illustrations had predicted, the new CX-50 grille looks a bit wider and narrower. At least on these patent illustrations.
I am surprised to see the fake vents on the front bumper return. Since they’ve just been eliminated from the 2022 CX-5.
Otherwise, it seems Mazda is slowly becoming a Japanese Audi. All their SUV designs look very, very similar these days…

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  1. My guess is that it will be similar to Toyota Corolla Cross, if they are going to build it in their joint plant in the US.

  2. Anonymous is correct.. pretty sure the CX-50 will be a twin of the Corolla Cross, which is why it is a US-only product.

  3. This tells me that the CX-50 will essentially be a larger, less coupe-like version of the CX-30 (i.e. Corolla Cross) but still smaller than the current CX-5, which the new CX-70 will eventually replace in terms of size and market position.

  4. how could it be a twin to the Corolla cross when Mazda already has a CX30 that is the same size/class as the Corolla Cross? CX-50 will be built on a whole different line from the Corolla Cross and it will be the eventual replacement for the CX-5. Just like the CX-3/CX-30 the CX-5/CX-50 will co-exist for a while until the CX-5 is phased out. Its not rocket science people.

  5. The spy shots of this vehicle seem rather large. Btw I hope that with all of these crossovers and SUVs the Mazda 3 doesn’t become a afterthought or even worse discontinued?

  6. Vince, you ask the question "What would be the advantage of the RWD platform?" and opine that journalists will rave about it. However, Mazda just announced that all their 2022 SUVs will be AWD.. so the RWD-basis advantage is moot.

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