2023 Mazda-CX60: all-new confusing Mazda future…

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Yes, apparently, this is a teaser for the new CX-60. NOT CX-50.
Confused? It gets worse.
There will be a CX-50, as we thought. But it will not be based on the new RWD platform. Apparently, it will be based on the CX-30 platform and will be a US model only.
On top of that, it will be sold alongside the current (recently revised) CX-5.
This is basically what they did for a while with the CX-3 and CX-30.
A new CX-70 is what we thought of previously as the RWD CX-50. That one will be indeed based on the new larger RWD platform and offer a new inline 6.
The longer CX-90 will also be based on the new platform and will replace the CX-9.
The rest of the world will get a new CX-60 and CX-80. These will be for countries with “narrower roads and smaller parking lots”.
This is actually not an all-new thing for Mazda which currently offers a CX-8 in Japan. Which is basically a longer 7 seater version of the CX-5. Instead of the larger CX-9 we have here.
But you have to wonder about the cost of offering specific bodies for these different markets. Something other manufacturers used to do. Like Honda with a smaller Accord for Europe many years ago. 
Or VW with the Passat.
No matter what, it seems a lot of money for a smaller manufacturer like Mazda.
So Mazda’s new lineup in the US will be CX-30. CX-5. CX-50. CX70 and CX-90.
Still no official mention of a new Mazda 6 sedan…

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  1. Vince, there is no current Mazda vehicle called the CX-6. There is the CX-4 and the CX-8. The CX-8 is what you're referring to (three rows, CX-5 based).

  2. Vince, Mazda doesn't sell a CX-6 in Japan. I believe you might be talking about the CX-8.

    So, next year there will be a revised (last generation) CX-5 featuring new lights and updated tech. I believe the CX-5 will be replaced by a wide body 2 row CX-70. Most likely this model will be more expensive and perhaps even longer. Mazda will roll out a less expensive CX-50 US made model that will be shorter than perhaps the CX-5.

  3. Should have renamed the current CX-5 the CX-40. Considering it's larger than the CX-30. After the revamping of it's lineup that is.

  4. I’ve heard that due to low volume/sales there definitely won’t be a new 6. I’ve also heard through a reliable source that the 3 maybe headed for extinction also, concentrate on crossover and SUV market.

  5. I think Fart is correct, the CX-60 and CX-80 will be the international replacements for CX-5 and CX-8, and the US will get the CX-50 (basically a larger CX-30 on a platform to be shared with the Toyota Corolla Cross) and CX-70/CX-90 (to replace the current CX-5 and CX-9, both using a shared RWD-based platform).

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