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Now we know the upcoming new Mazda CX-50 will not be the one based on the new RWD platform. (That will be the CX-70 and CX-90 in the US) But apparently, on the CX-30 platform instead. This is confusing since they had announced a partnership with Toyota a while ago that includes a new model based on the Corolla Cross.  More recently, there was also a rumor about a new hybrid-only “CX-7”. Bult in Alabama with the Corolla Cross. (That might actually be the one they now call “CX-50”)

It seems Mazda is coming up with a giant SUV stew. It also seems many of these models will overlap and compete with each other.

This new illustration shows a very generic design. One that will be 100% invisible everywhere. Wasn’t the point of Mazda to be different? At least a little bit?



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  1. The white illustration seems more in line with the upcoming 'refresh' of the CX-5.

    The CX-50 will be more along with the size of the Toyota Corolla Cross that is smaller.

    They should have just called it CX-40, as the CX-4 is a different model altogether.

    I'm also guessing the CX-70 will be the size of the CX-5; As you said it will be RWD with a straight 6.

  2. It's just a move their making before they discontinue selling the CX5 here. They did the same with the CX3 and CX30, once the CX30 starting selling well the CX3 was pulled from the NA market.

  3. The CX50 will actually be slightly larger than the CX5 and will have nothing to do with the Corolla Cross since it'll be on the same platform as the 3 and CX30. However, no one seems to knows if there will be a different type of powertrain. They could use Toyota's 8AT since the CX50 will be a NA exclusive model.

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